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Villa Herlev

As a part of UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design (A.UD) advanced design studio course “Architectural Intelligence: Exploring Space as an Interactive Medium”, researchers Refik Anadol, Raman Mustafa, Julietta Gil and Farzad Mirshafiei created The Aether Project, an immersive interactive environment that seamlessly combines robotic actuation, formal transformation and real time projection mapping controlled by a sensory input device. The course lead by Guvenc Ozel, Technology Director of the new IDEAS platform of UCLA A.UD, in collaboration with Casey Reas, Professor at UCLA Design Media Arts, explored potential scenarios of architecture as a responsive, robotically actuated technology which undergoes spatial iterations triggered by sense based devices.

The evolution of technology reveals an aspiration to place mind into matter in order to create tools that are subservient yet autonomous from humans. Architecture as a form of technology does not exist outside of this cultural aspiration. Concurrently, experiments in sensing technology express this desire to transform architecture into an intelligent form of technology that can autonomously negotiate between the human body, human psyche, the environment and other physical and perceptual parameters.

Earth pavilion | Design and construction

This pavilion

Villa | Kokærvænget

This House

Childrens´s village | Stautrup

This projekt

Rammed Earth Wall | Wadden Sea Center

Working at the forefront of digital art, Refik Anadol is

Renovation | Langelandsgade

This renovation

Villa Krebsen | Vejle

Villa Krebsen consists of two volumes dividing the house in private and public domain. This division is emphasized in the us of facade materials – brick and wood cladding.

Is an integrated part of Revaerks consultation the studio has worked with the interioe of the house. The interior is made of customized oak to fit the specfic needs of the customer and give the house a playfull interior…

Earth Mirror

This Lamp is produced

Villa Lilletoften | Rodskov